Maddalena Uniforms

January 9, 2014

Maddalena Uniforms has recently changed our online and in-store pricing for "Youth" sized clothing due to a limitation in our online e-commerce vendors service.

Previously all youth sized clothing was sold online and in store with taxes included. This policy was implemented due to the inability of our e-commerce software to charge different tax rates based on product attributes. 

This limitation has now been addressed in our e-commerce software.  Beginning January 10, 2014 all items will be displayed with pre-tax pricing.  Tax rates will be calculated at check out.

Unfortunately, taxes on receipts will be displayed incorrectly. 

Receipts will show two tax rates:

GST: 5% Federal tax rate

HST (Ontario Portion): 8% Ontario tax rate

We are working with our e-commerce vendor to change the displayed tax rate to HST only.


Maddalena Uniforms thanks you for you patience and understanding with respect to these tax display issues.



HST Exemptions and Rebates in the Province of Ontario

Consumers do not have to pay the Ontario portion (eight per cent) of the HST for children's clothing and footwear. 


We promise to only send you good things.